GreenHyScale H2020 is proud to be part of the Clean Energy Working Group, coordinated by the Green Deal Support Office (GDSO), which brings together 16 projects funded by the European Commission under 5 separate calls, involving 327 organisations from 46 countries.

The energy sector is responsible for over 75% of the EU’s greenhouse gas emissions, and is at the heart of the climate change problem. Therefore, to achieve the Green Deal objectives, we need to decarbonise our current energy production and improve energy efficiency. This requires joint strategies and groundbreaking sustainable technologies.

The Clean Energy Working Group initiative enables us to collaborate by sharing our knowledge and experience on decarbonising energy through the creation and implementation of innovative technologies, including renewable energy solutions (RES) and their seamless integration into existing energy infrastructure. This working group is an excellent opportunity to assess the impact of our projects and disseminate our results within the network.

By accelerating the large-scale production of green hydrogen through the construction and operation of the world’s first 100 MW green pressurized alkaline electrolysis plant, both on land (GreenLab Industrial Park, Skive – Denmark) and at sea, the GreenHyScale project can make a real difference to the decarbonisation of energy on a global scale.

Meet the Clean Energy working group projects

Bio-FlexGen | ECO2Fuel | ENERGICA | EU-SCORES | Fast Forward 2030 | GreenH2Atlantic | GreenHyScale H2020 | Hypergryd Project EU | PyroCO2 | REFFECT AFRICA | REFHYNE | RESTORE Project | SESA Project | SophiA4Africa | SteamBio Africa | StoRIES Project


Watch the GDSO’s video presenting the Clean Energy working group!